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Our judiciary system has almost zero accountability. There are some good bills going around this session, as it is becoming more clear what is happening. But they aren’t enough, and WE need to help our legislators by DEMANDING things change.

The Voice For Texas’ Judicial Accountability

 The State Commission on Judicial Conduct has been stagnant in its reporting to the people. We must DEMAND change.

Jennifer Lundy

Executive Director

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Texas is a BIG state and we will need a lot of volunteers to make the changes needed for our GREAT state. 

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June 2023

Denton County Elections Administration

Texans for Judicial Accountability Mission Statement:

At the T.J.A., our mission is simple; EDUCATE the public, making them aware of the issues; EDUCATE the Judiciary on the need for transparency and updating processes; ADVOCATE for change, HOLDING bad actors RESPONSIBLE, changing the laws, and IMPLEMENTING processes to achieve those goals.  

Meet The Team

The T.J.A. is comprised of normal everyday Texas citizens that want change for our GREAT state. 

Jennifer Lundy

Jennifer Lundy

Executive Director

Jennifer Lundy

Executive Director

Rustin Wright

Rustin Wright

Board of Directors

Rustin Wright

Board of Directors

Britton Brooks

Britton Brooks

Board of Directors

Britton Brooks

Board of Directors

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“Texans Unite for Judicial Accountability: Holding Judges Responsible for Fair Justice”

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